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How to Change Name in TrueCaller App

Is TrueCaller displays your name wrong? Don’t worry we will let you know how to Change Name in TrueCaller. TrueCaller is an app that displays your name to other person when you call them via mobile. It act as an identity of your contact number. What if you call your friend and he/she disconnect it because TrueCaller displays wrong name? To avoid this problem we will learn steps to change name in TrueCaller.

With so much contact numbers, it becomes difficult for truecaller to identify correct name linked with a contact number. Moreover some user’s save mobile number with nickname that results truecaller to show wrong name. Another reason could be that the sim that is allocated to you may reflect data as per the name of previous owner. Here is a step by step guide to change your name in True Caller app.

Steps to Change Name in True Caller App

  • Install TrueCaller Online Name Search App in your smartphone
  • From Menu go to edit profile option
  • Here click on edit icon besides your name
  • Enter your name which you want to display and Save it.

Your TrueCaller Name is successfully updated. There is another method by which you can change Name in True Caller app.

Change Name through TrueCaller Suggestion Page

TrueCaller has also a feature that provide service to change True caller name by suggestion Page. Users can login to this page by their True Caller login username and Password and suggest name for a particular name. Link to Change TrueCaller Name is given below

You can also send email to change name with your Suggested name, Contact Number along with country code to for faster approval.

These are some methods by which you can change name in TrueCaller App and avoid your calls from being disconnected by your friends!!! Hope you find this useful. Check Out the New Truecaller 8 features of Flash Message and Google Duo Video Call

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