10 Unknown Features of Office 365 that will Amaze You

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Microsoft products are the one’s that people wait for. It knows what it’s consumer needs and always fulfills it. Office 2016 is one of the amazing product from Microsoft that comes up to this. With ease of access of tools and making email communication much easier it is now embedded with features that make the work simpler. Here we will discuss 10 unknown features of Office 365

Check out list of 10 Amazing features of Office 365

1. Edit Files with your Friends at Same Time

Office 365 allows Real Time editing. Now edit the same document at same time shared over One drive. It allows you to see which part of the document is being edited and by whom i.e. the name of person appears on the data which he/she is editing.

2. Chat on Skype while Working on the Document

Want to share or know any information regarding a file or document, then just press Chat button and get the data you want. Office 365 has a Skype chat option with which you can talk over skype while working on the document if it is store on Microsoft Cloud or One Drive.

3. Let PowerPoint Do Work on it’s Own

PowerPoint Designer tool allows you to make professional presentations with a one click. Insert and image or media and PowerPoint Designer shows you layouts and designs that are best suited for your presentation. Just edit the data and make PPT’s ready for presentation. With Morph feature create transitions, animations, GIF and move objects in slideshow.

4. The New Tell Me Box

Tell Me box: The New Tell Me Box helps you what you want to do, means that you don’t need to browse over section for a function. Just enter the query in tell me box and it will show you related options. As an example if you want to insert an image, type ‘add pic’ , ‘insert image’ related words and then it will show insert image option.

5. Bing Search with in Document

Office 365 has a smart look up feature to know information regarding a word or phrase. Select the word or sentence, right click on it and select Smart look up option. Bing search will display the related information with in the document.

6. Boomerang to schedule Meetings

Download Boomerang from Office App Store and integrate it with Office 365. It helps you organize your mails and meetings. It remind for you to follow up mails, set tasks and events, add calendar. Boomerang help you remind of tasks that are scheduled.

7. Delve App to Know on which co workers are Working

With Delve app you can search popular documents and other files if your company has Enterprise Edition of Office 365 and store files on SharePoint or One Drive. You can Know on which project is one working by searching their name in Delve Search.

8. Third party Add-ons in Outlook

You can integrate third party add-ons like Starbucks for Outlook to organize meetings at Starbucks. Use PayPal add-ons for transactions and Uber Outlook Add-on to link with Calendar.

9. Set up work Group and Project Planner in Office 365

Now you can set up group with your team-mates if you are working on same project. Share the updates and files in this group. You also get a shared inbox folder for all messages and conversations in your Outlook group. A new feature Microsoft Planner has been added to share information in Groups.

10. Office Lens App to Scan and Read Documents

Now capture your white board highlights and meeting notes with Office Lens App. It scans the data and make it readable. You can also share files with your colleagues with Office App

One thing that can be concluded by looking at the features that you doesn’t need to move from Outlook screen to other app or browser as office 365 gets all the details and information on same window. These are some unknown and amazing feature of Office 365. Hope you find it useful.

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