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BitRaser File Eraser is advanced file erasure tool which can permanently delete files, folders, disk partitions or internet history. Files erased using Stellar BitRaser for File can not be recovered even with the help of data recovery software. An organization may use Bitraser file eraser to meet daily data sanitizations requirements to erase sensitive data to avoid misuse. This data eraser software uses 17 Internation data erasing standards like NATO standard, British HMG IS5, US DoD, Russian standard GOST-R, Guttmann etc.

With the help of data erasing tool Organizations can securely erase files from desktops, laptops or servers in effective manner beyond recovery. You can schedule eraser process to start any time in the day, the software will maintain a detailed log report of erased files.

Features of BitRaser File Eraser

Erase Files Permanently

This data eraser software allows user to permanently delete files, folders, internet history, application traces etc. Once erased using BitRaser files can’t be recovered even if you take help of any data recovery software available.

Delete Chat Messages

A number of Chat messengers like Yahoo, ICQ or Skype are used for business or personal use worldwide. These chat application tends to store all your chat history and contact details which can be retrieved at any point of time. BitRaser File eraser tool helps user to erase all traces of data stored by these apps securely.

Search Data for Erasing

The user interface of Stellar BitRaser for File allows user to search the file for erasing. A user can search a file with file name or by the file extension. Its quick algorithm instantly lists the files you have searched for and provide user the option to selectively erase files from the list available.

Different Erasing Algorithms

BitRaser file erasing tool provides user the option to chose the erasing algorithm, It provides 17 standard international erasing algorithm. Some of the algorithm provided by Stellar file erasing tool are Russian Standard GOST-R, British HMG IS5, NATO Standard, Guttmann and US DoD. 

Generate Erasure Reports

After successfully completing erasure process the software provides user the option to generate data erasure certificate with detailed data erased report in pdf file format. One may need such reports for various statutory & regulatory compliance.

Use Password to Access BitRaser

To avoid unauthorize access to software and prevent other user to run BitRaser it comes with password protection features. Only a user who knows the password can access the BitRaser reports and run software to erase data.

Erase Internet Files

Stellar BitRaser for File allows user to erase all your internet history like browsing data, internet banking logins, emails logins, saved cards, auto form fill data etc. It supports all major browsers like Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari , Edge etc.

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  1. Amazing software with advance file eraser algorithms. I used Bitraser file eraser software for wiping my external drive files, it completed the process so quickly and gave me back my fully wiped drive available for recycle.

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