Fix for Outlook Sends Blank or Empty Emails

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Many Outlook users were complaining about receiving blank emails in Outlook. Looking for a solution I found threads about Outlook sending empty email, or the message sent is empty and does not have any body. It is just weird that you compose a whole message and what the receivers get is a blank message body. So, here I found a solution for Outlook Keeps Sending Blank emails error.

The main cause of the problem found were add-ins and update problem in Outlook. Most of the time what happens is that the add-ins installed does not receive update and Outlook gets updated or vice-versa and they become incompatible. So, Users should check that the add-ins will support the Outlook updates. Moreover, They should update the Outlook application regularly

Update Outlook Application

Well, if you have turned on automatic updates option, then Microsoft will notify you about the updates released and will update it automatically. But if the settings are not enabled then you can manually update it by following steps

update outlook for blank mails error

  • Open Outlook in your computer
  • Now go to File then General and you will see ‘Check For Updates’ Option
  • Click on the link and then update outlook
  • Restart it and try sending a test mail
  • The Outlook empty mail error will be resolved

Another cause that why users are getting blank emails on Outlook is the format set for messages. In many situations, Outlook does not support Rich Text to send/receive messages. This format can be changed to avoid Outlook sending empty email error.

Resolve Outlook Sending Blank Email Error

  • Open the Outlook Application in your system
  • Now, click on File and then move to Options
  • A new window will open, click on ‘Mail’

outlook empty mail message

  • Under the compose messages section, move to ‘Compose messages in this format’ and select the option ‘Plain Text’
  • Click on OK and close Outlook
  • Restart it and send mail, the receiver will get the message with its contents.

So, by the above methods, you can resolve the Outlook blank/ empty email messages.

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