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Meteor App is an alternative to the leading internet speed test app available i.e The Speedtest App. If you are a tech savvy person, you must have used speedtest app to check the internet speed of your device. app, is a free internet speed test software which is quick and easy to use. But, as we know that technology needs to upgrade with time else it will get outdated soon. The same happens with With passage of time, the app started showing some issues like wifi issues, Network communication issues, signal issues etc. The app still offers no permanent solutions to such issues which frustrate users a lot.

meteor app

No more worries now. Finally, it’s time to ditch the app and welcome brand new internet speed test app – Meteor. The Meteor App, powered by Open Signal allows you test internet speed of your device while offering great reliability. Once you are done with Meteor App free download, the app will guide you how the popular mobile apps like those of You Tube will run on your device. The best part of this App is that, it rates your experience of using such apps on the internet connection. You will get an Awesome to Poor Rating while using Meteor App which helps you judge which App runs good on your internet connection and which takes time. Also features like “History Tab” and “Dashboard” add a bit more to the exciting features of Meteor App.

Last year, Netflix launched its internet speed test app to show how flat your Internet connection really is.

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