MySQL Log Analyzer

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  • Track Records and Activities in MySQL
  • Provide assistance to recover deleted records
  • Suitable for Audits in MySQL logs
  • Restore Objects from Binary, Redo and General Logs
  • Allow to Preview Individual Records
  • Save log files in MySQL CSV, HTML and XLS format
  • Find Option to locate specific files
  • Supports MYSQL 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, and 3.x

Features of MySQL Log Analyzer

Makes Logs in Readabale Format

Stellar MySQL Log analyzer is right fit for Database Forensic users as they can convert the unreadable data of log files in readable tabular format by which they can collect the information to inspect any suspicious activity in database. The tool works in tough situation like accidental file deletion and system crash.

Recover Objects from MySQL Logs

The Stellar Log Analyzer for MySQL scans all the logs of database i.e Binary, Redo and General logs. The software can automatically create a new database with all the items of MySQL.

Select Logs from Different Locations

There is no need to scan the Redo logs seperately than Binary and General logs. Redo files are automatically created and save at default location while creation of Binary and General logs is done by user commands. Tool allows to manually select these logs for scanning at a time.

Preview Individual Records

When the software completes the scanning of MySQL database, the log files are shown in preview window with a tree like structure. User can browse for a particular transaction log and analyze a specific data. The log analyzer shows each and every component of MySQL log files.

Find or Search Option

The software allows to search for a particular file or log. Select the transaction type Insert, Delete, and Update to find. The software let you set the date range filter on log data and log transactions. User can also look for ‘Other Transactions’ by MySQL.

Support Native JASON Type

As per the MySQL versions the Stellar MySQL Analyser tool supports native JSON type and functions for working with JSON values. The software provides the option to view MySQL versions in tree-view structure and the tabular form shows the row count detail in each table.

Forensic Study Certification

The Stellar MySQL Log Analyzer is perfect for forensic users and analyze the transactions. It tracks all the activities and certifies critical Forensic study. The files can be stored in MySQL CSV, HTML and XLS format.

Easy to Use Interface

The Stellar MySQL Analyzer tool  uses simple Graphical User Interface which enable users to work easily. the columns, buttons have field that make it underatsble and insruct for another user.

Support and Compatibility

This software is compatible with latest version of  Windows Operating system i.e Windows 10. It also supports earlier versions of Windows OS like Windows 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP. Database supported by this software are MySQL 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, and 3.x

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to select General and Binary log files for analysis?

A: Follow the given steps
From the File menu click ‘Select’ option and database window will open
Click on Manual selection of database(s) to analyze and browse button will appear
Click on browse and locate the folder where these files are stored
Click on OK and the file will be loaded.

Q. How to Select Database Automatically in MySQL Log Analyzer?

A. In order to select the database automatically follow the steps:
1. Open Launch Stellar Log Analyzer for MySQL software.
2. Now Click on Select button from File > Menu to select Database .
3. By default, Analyze database(s) stored at the default location of MySQL option is selected. If not, select the same.
4. Click the Analyze button to start the process.
5. After the scanning is complete a list of My SQL Log files is shown
6. Now. Select the log you ant to analyze and proceed.

Q: How can I view transaction data?

A: From the file menu, click on View and then select ‘Data View Checkbox’. It is also available at the bottom of the interface.

Q: In what other formats I can save the files?

A: With Stellar MySQL Database Log Analyzer you can save the transaction logs as well as data in MySQL CSV, HTML and XLS format.

Q: Can I save the transaction log for the date range

A: Yes, while sorting the data in preview window select date range filter and then save the data.

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