Recover Deleted Items in Windows 10 with Data Recovery Software

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Windows 10 is the widely used operating system in the world, from students to professionals in top MNC’s uses this OS. Windows store the data in the hard drive that is divided into various partitions. Due to some virus attacks and other factors, the data get lost or become inaccessible. The data contains important documents and files and must be recovered as soon as possible. To get back the data users can go for Windows Data Recovery Software.

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Using the Recovery software is better than going for manual method as the files are recovered in same order maintaining the structure. The data recovery software can recover the accidentally deleted files, old files, and all file types. The software gives you the option to recover image file, text file, application file as requested by the user. Here we will know the causes of deleted files in windows 10, and how to recover lost/ deleted files in Windows 10.

Causes of Data Loss in Windows 10

There are several reasons that cause data loss like

  • Virus attacks through USB
  • Copying a file which is already damaged and when used in application corrupt all other files
  • Not updating windows regularly
  • Abrupt shutdown while file transfer or sudden power loss

Such processes affect the windows file that results in loss of data

How Deleted Files Can be Restored

This is a question for which everyone is curious to know the answer. Users often wonder when the data is deleted and not available anywhere in the computer then how is it possible to retrieve it back. Let’s understand this, when a file is deleted from a folder it empties the space but its reference is still available on the hard drive sector. This will remain until a new file is copied to the same location.

The data recovery software takes the link of that reference in the hard-drive sector to recover the files. Windows 10 file recovery can be done manually but the exact output is only possible with Windows Data Recovery Software.

How to Restore Files in Windows

Well, if the damage is not severe then files can be restored by using system restore in advanced options or uninstall recently installed updates that might have cause the action to delete files. Sometimes most of the files are deleted accidentally, they can be retrieved from recycle bin.

However, these methods are only applicable for a limited number of files. To recover large files in Windows one must go for Windows data recovery software. Let’s have a look some of the features of Windows 10 Recovery Tool.

Features of Windows 10 Recovery Software

Various Scanning Options: The windows recovery software comes with quick scan feature to look for lost and deleted files and if the files are not listed then select the ‘Deep Scan’ option for advanced scanning and recovery of files.

Recover Lost and Deleted Data: Windows 10 data recovery software is professionally designed to recover deleted files, pictures, documents, video and audio files on any windows device. The software can be used with FAT, ex-FAT and NTFS drives and partition.

Preview Files After Scan: The tool does not automatically start the recovery as soon as you launch it, once the scanning is complete it list the files found, the user can select the files which he/ she wants to recover. Thus, it gives the option for selective recovery reducing the time in the recovery process.

Recover Data from External Media: The Windows Data Recovery Software goes an extra mile and support data recovery from corrupt USB drive and burnt optical media like CD or DVD. The folder structure of data is maintained. One more advantage of this tool is that it also recovers data from hard drives having bad sectors.

Compatibility and Support: The windows data recovery software is compatible with Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista and earlier versions too. The software has a rich user interface which makes it easy to use.

Using Windows data recovery is extremely easy all you need to do is launch the software and start scanning, select the type of file you want to recover if you know the drive where to look then select it or else select the option ‘entire system’. The lost files will be recovered and saved in the system. Try and download Windows Recovery Software for free. 

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