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Mac Data Recovery
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Stellar Recovery for Mac is one of the most trusted tools to recover deleted photos, music, files, folders, etc. from Mac-based systems. It supports recovering data from HFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT, and NTFS based file systems.


Data Recovery for Mac

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is an advanced data recovery software that helps the user to recover data even from inaccessible drives. Mac Data Recovery software supports recovery of different data types like music, photos, or videos. It fully supports recovering lost data in situations like formatting of drive, virus attacks, accidental deletion, and other similar issues. The advanced algorithm used in this software enables the user to scan the entire disk for files that can be recovered and list them in the preview window from where the user can preview the contents of files and select files for recovery.

Recover Permanently Deleted Data

Stellar Mac Data Recovery software uses advanced powerful algorithms that can restore permanently deleted data with ease. Like on Windows deleted data is stored in Recycle Bin, Mac stores deleted data in the Trash folder until data is purged permanently. Stellar Recovery for Mac tool restores permanently deleted data with their original file names and properties intact in no time with just some clicks.

Create Disc Image

In addition to the data recovery, this software also offers to create a disc image of Mac hard drive. The image file .DMG can be stored at any location of your choice be it the hard disk or any external drive. The disc image can be used later for recovery purposes, data recovery experts always advise creating a disk image before using any data recovery software to have better chances of recovery. The disc image can also be created if your hard disk has some bad sectors and have chances to fail in the future so it’s always better to create a mountable image of the drive for any worst situation in the future.

System Startup Disc

If your system is unbootable and you want to recover data from it, then there is no need to panic as the Stellar Mac Data Recovery tool comes with a bootable system startup DVD. The bootable DVD can be used when boot volume is corrupted and you can’t take a risk of installing OS again as it overwrites the data present in the drive thus reducing the chances of recovery. So, just boot the device and run the recovery process to recover lost data. After a successful recovery, you can install the OS again.

Stop & Resume Recovery Anytime

The software allows users to stop the recovery process anytime and resume recovery later at a convenient time. It saves the image of the recovery process done so in a file (.DMG format) and when you want to continue recovery you can start from where you have left by loading the image file .DMG into the software.

Easy to Use GUI

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac has a simple yet smart user interface that allows users with little knowledge also to recover data. As compared to other data recovery tools available Stellar offers detailed instructions at each step to guide users in performing efficient data recovery with minimal efforts.

Free Preview of Mac Deleted Files

The Data Recovery for Mac tool allows users to preview recoverable items after a successful scan. Using the free preview option user can check the functioning of the mac data recovery tool and check if the files he or she wants to recover are recoverable or not. Once checking the preview of files users have to buy the license of the software to save the recoverable items.

Restore Deleted Volumes

Mac data recovery software from Stellar helps users to locate and restore deleted volumes on HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS, or ExFAT formatted drive. It systematically repairs and rebuilds damaged, corrupt, inaccessible or deleted volumes in no time. It restores deleted volumes from MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and other Mac devices efficiently. The software also recovers data from unmountable system volumes intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My Drive is Corrupted, Can I still run Mac Data Recovery Software?

A. Yes, it is completely safe to run Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software, if your Mac drive got corrupted. Consider the two cases in the drive corruption environment:
(i) Any secondary drive or volume got Corrupt
If you are facing a case of volume inaccessibility or any of the volume fails to mount, then Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery can detect such a volume and list that volume in the software. You can then select the unmountable volume and scan it to recover all lost, deleted data.
(ii) The Boot Volume got Corrupt
The system itself becomes unbootable due to corruption of the BOOT volume of your Mac. With the System Disk Utility option of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data recovery, you can still recover data from an unbootable system. Firstly, create a BOOT DVD which boots up an unbootable Mac and then runs Data Recovery Mac software, so that you can recover all your data.

Q. My hard drive is not displayed in the application. How can I recover my data?

A. If the hard drive is not displayed in the application, it indicates that your hard drive has any physical damage. You can be sure about physical damage if it is making a clicking or grinding sound. Please note that in case of data loss due to physical damage, no software can help you recover the inaccessible data.
It is advised that in case of physical damage, DO NOT attempt data recovery of your own or through inexperienced technicians. It will lead to further damage to your hard drive, rendering it unused for data recovery services at our data recovery lab. Please send us your contact details with a description of the exact problem at [email protected] so that Stellar Data Recovery Experts can speak to you to provide more details of the physical recovery process of your hard drive.

Q. How can I recover deleted & formatted files from Time Machine drive?

A. This Mac file recovery software efficiently recovers deleted and formatted files form Time Machine hard drive. Just connect your Time Machine drive and launch Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software to recover deleted & formatted files.

Q. How to connect and recover data from Mac connected through FireWire to another Mac?

A. Stellar Phoenix® Mac Data Recovery can perform data recovery from another Mac connected to your Mac computer through a FireWire cable.
Steps to Connect and Recover
1. Connect both the Mac systems to each other with the FireWire cable.
2. Now reboot (holding down the ‘T’ key during Rebooting) the Mac from which you want to recover the data.
3. The computer, which needs to be recovered, will be mounted as a drive into the other Mac. Now, you can run Stellar Phoenix® Mac Data recovery, select the mounted drive, and scan it to search for deleted, lost, formatted data.

Q. How do I recover data from formatted drive?

A. Follow the below procedure for the recovery:

1. Run Stellar Mac Data Recovery.
2. Select Your Hard Disk Drive from the left pane
3. Click ‘Recover Data << Advance Recovery’ feature to recover formatted files
4. Click ‘Start Scan’ to recover files.
The software will scan the selected volume or drive for all formatted data and list the recovered files in a tree-structure. Checkmark the files, folders and click the ‘Recover’ button to save them at a destination of your choice.

Q. How to recover data from a drive that contains bad sectors?

A. Bad sectors on a drive refer to the sectors, which can’t be accessed because of permanent physical damage to the disk surface. Moreover, the system may crash by continuously reading these bad sectors. In such a scenario it is important that you recover data from your system at the earliest as you can always recover your data from the good sectors and the partially bad sectors. With the help of Stellar Phoenix<sup>®</sup> Mac Data Recovery Software, a Mac user can easily recover data even though the drive contains bad sectors.

Follow the sequential yet simple steps to recover from bad sectors.
Use the ‘Create Image’ feature of the data recovery for Mac software to create a carbon-copy of your hard drive or volume.

1. The ‘Create Image’ feature reads the volume or hard drive sector-by-sector and creates a replica.
2. While imaging the drive, the software skips the bad sectors if any and creates the image of only good sectors.
3. Once the Image is created, use the image file for recovering the data using Mac Data Recovery Software.

Q. Other than HFS and ExFAT, what other file system(s) does this software supports?

A. Besides HFS and ExFAT, this Mac File Recovery supports data recovery from FAT and NTFS formatted drives and volumes.

Q. I have mistakenly deleted some critical data on my Boot Camp partition on the Mac internal drive. Can I recover these files with Stellar Mac Data Recovery?

A. Yes, the software supports scanning NTFS-formatted drives and volumes on Mac for recovering all your deleted data. Using this tool, you can recover data from NTFS-formatted Windows Boot Camp partition.

Q. Is recovery of data possible from an unmounted volume on Mac OS X?

A. Yes, this software can perform data recovery from unmounted volumes on Mac OS X. You often find yourself in a situation when one or two volumes in your system fail to mount. This is indicative of the fact that these volumes are corrupt. Stellar Phoenix<sup>®</sup> Mac Data Recovery is equipped to scan unmounted Mac volumes and recover all your inaccessible data absolutely intact.

Q. I have a USB drive formatted with NTFS. Can this software recover files from it on Mac?

A. Yes, the software can perform data recovery from your USB drive formatted with NTFS.

Q. I have forgotten the password of my encrypted hard drive. Can I still recover data using this software?

A. No. Stellar Mac data recovery software will ask the user to enter the password in order to unlock the encrypted hard disk drive. When the user enters the password & unlocks it, he/she can proceed further to recover deleted, formatted and inaccessible files from an encrypted hard drive. Upon failure to unlock the drive, you won’t be able to scan & recover files from an encrypted hard drive

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