Stellar Repair for SQL Anywhere

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Stellar Repair for SQL AnyWhere is an advanced tool which can repair SQL Anywhere Database db file. It successfully repairs tables, views, triggers, keys and indexes.

Features of SQL Anywhere Recovery Tool

Repairs SQL Anywhere ‘.DB’ Files

Stellar Repair for SQL Anywhere tool performs quick repair of SQL Anywhere database which are corrupt or inaccessible. Its fast sere canning algorithm quickly scans the damaged database and recovers damaged objects with original properties intact rebuilding the database structure. Database which gets corrupt due to corrupt transaction logs, damaged link list or by moving database across platforms can easily be repaired with this tool.

Searches for SQL Anywhere Databases

One can search for SQL Anywhere database file with the advanced search feature of this tool if you don’t have any idea about where the DB file would be. You just have to select the location where you want to look for SQL Anywhere database and the software will list all the database files present.

Preview of Scanned Database Objects

Using this DB file recovery software, you can preview all the scanned database objects in a tree like structure and verify the results before saving the recovered data. The preview shows content of the selected database object, including any properties and constraints applied to it.

Interactive and Customizable GUI

The software provides several options to customize its appearance based on your specific needs. You can add commands to the Quick Access toolbar, assign desired keyboard shortcut to these commands, and change the appearance of GUI.

Save and Clear Repair Log

The easy to use GUI provides each and every detail of various activities done during the database repair process. This detailed report can be seen in ‘Message Log’ pane. The Message log typically shows the repair process start time, number of records processed, number of records recovered, to name a few.

Save Repaired DB as Excel, CSV & HTML

The tool repairs corrupt database files and offers to save them in multiple file formats including CSV, Excel and HTML. Availability of flexible storage formats makes Database components more scalable.

Repair & Export Database to Live Database

Once repaired, the database tables, indexes, views, properties, keys, rules and all other components can be moved directly to live Database for which active SQL Anywhere Server platform is required. Also, you need to enter database credentials such as Server name and Database name as well as Username and Password.

Supports SQL Anywhere 16 (all Page Size(s))

Page size affects the performance of database to a larger extent, but Stellar Phoenix Repair for SQL Anywhere supports recovery of all page sizes. The software also supports SQL Anywhere version 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x and 16.x. Recovery is performed effortlessly and efficiently, irrespective of the version or page size

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