Top 3 Methods To Recover SMS/ Text Messages From Smartphone

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Smartphones have now become an integral part of the modern lifestyle, from home to work mobiles are needed for several tasks. Checking mails, sending/ receiving messages, sharing files smartphones are now required for basic operations. Android has now become the world’s largest using the smartphone and is growing continuously.

SMS or text messages are an important medium of communication and if they get deleted then it creates a lot of problems. So, it is very necessary to retrieve these messages. Android applications send messages when you use them especially banking services like activation code when you register to an app. Moreover, text messages stored important information. So, to get back deleted messages we should know methods how to recover them.

How SMS can be Retrieved

First, understand how the SMS can be restored because any item can be retrieved when they are available in the device. So, when a message is deleted it goes to trash and remains there for few days. If your smartphone allows recovering from trash directly, you can get them back easily. Else, the messages get deleted and become inactive but they are still available. These files are invisible and replaceable only if changes are not made.

So, it is good to discontinue using the phone and disable network services, so that the service providers cannot send the message. There are two options to recover deleted text messages or SMS

Recover SMS From Backup

Android mobile devices have Import/ Export option. This feature allows to backup data from secondary media. This feature is mostly used for contacts and messages. If you have .vcf file of messages then it can be retrieved as

Restore Messages from SD card

  • Go to Messaging App
  • Now click on the options button represented by three dots
  • Click on the option Import/ Export messages
  • Select the option Import from Storage
  • Select the option local storage/ SD card
  • Now browse the SD card folder and look for messages.vcf or name by which you stored them.
  • Click on it and the messages will be restored in messages section.

From Cloud Storage

Most of the Android Smartphones comes with the option to store phone contacts, messages on Cloud Storage. If you have selected the option to sync contacts and messages with cloud then it is easy to get them backup. Also, you can select messages to recover apart from full recovery.

The next method is to use Android Recovery Software. This tool recovers messages by using its smart search algorithm. It deeply scans for the deleted files and restores them back to the phone.

Android Recovery Software

The Android recovery software works with all the major mobile brands and is able to restore messages without any loss.

  • Complete Recovery of Messages: The Android Data Recovery Software recovers Messages with complete properties like date and time when a message is sent or received.
  • Preview Messages: When you select the option to recover messages, it scans only for message format files and you can select only those messages which you want to recover. This makes Android Data Recovery as fast and selective data recovery software.
  • Compatible with Mobile Brands: Use Android Data Recovery Software with Samsung, LG, Nokia, MI, Lenovo, Google Pixel, Oppo, Vivo and other brands.
  • Support: You can install the Mobile Recovery software on Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP/ 2000 and the previous version.

Thus Android Recovery Tool is another option to get back deleted messages from your smartphone. You must take complete care regarding important SMS and forward them to another personal number on a different device or you can go for these top 3 methods for SMS Recovery.

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