Top 5 Outlook 2016 Tips to Manage Your Mails

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Outlook has always been used by companies, organizations for email communication across the globe. Microsoft always try to make their products user efficient and Outlook 2016 is an example of it. Focusing on the needs of users Microsoft has added new features in Outlook 2016 which makes working on application easier.

From  whole new features in Outlook here are some Outlook 2016 tips by which we can do work faster and save our time. Check out some of the amazing features of Outlook 2016.

1. Quick Parts

We all are tired of writing the same sentences to introduce ourselves or our brand, product and it is annoying too. Outlook 2016 has a Quick Parts feature to avoid this issue. Quick Parts allow us to save these introductory lines or sentences and insert them whenever needed. We can use Composer Window to type the text and save it in Insert > Quick Parts > Save selection. It can be used later on by inserting the data or typing few word matching the phrase and hit enter. This works great to save time and writing those same lines continuously.

2. Schedule Mail Delivery

Well you handle international meetings and need to send message at different clock timings for your clients across globe. It’s a very tiresome process. Now you can send the message to these clients by Scheduling mails. Compose your mails as usual an then move to Options>>Delay Delivery. Select the date and time when you want the message to be send. Remember to schedule timings as per Time Zone.

3. Managing Space and Cleaning Junk

We know that Outlook stores it’s data in PST file and large size of PST could make it corrupt. Junk mails folder in Outlook 2016 contains mails which are either spam or other unwanted mails. To clean up junk Go to Home>>Junk>>Junk Email Options. Here select the options as per your view like whitelist senders from safe senders tab or set settings for mails that needs to be moved to Junk folder.

4. Set Custom Shortcuts to Speed Up Working

Expand the window from Home ribbon  by clicking on bottom right button. Click New>>Custom and then select the action you want to choose from drop down menu and assign a custom shortcut to this action through [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[number]. This way you can speed up your processing and work faster by using keyboard shortcuts.

5. Prevent winmail.dat file to Send as Attachment

We often have received a winmail.dat file as attachment when someone send us a mail. This is because the mail is send as RTF format and windows zips all fonts and attachments. To prevent this we can send mails in Plain Text or HTML format. From File go to Options>>Mail and check message format is set to convert Rich Text Messages to HTML format.

Using these Outlook 2016 tips you can speed up your mail working, manage space to process outlook much faster and avoid lags in Outlook .

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