Windows 10 Data Lost After Update How to Restore Files

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Microsoft regularly releases updates for Windows 10 to protect system from virus attacks, update applications and other inbuilt tools. Windows update is also responsible to remove malware and suspicious files but sometime when the computer is switch ON after updates, files are found missing. Generally users think that the files are deleted after windows update, however this is not the case. If Windows update delete files then they can be restored easily.

Windows 10 is widely used operating system across world and if any update creates problem then it may affect at larger scale. The best method to avoid windows 10 update problem is to set the settings as ‘Allow me to download and install updates’ instead of automatic installation. Check out the steps to recover or restore files deleted after windows 10 update

Identifying the Files are Missing or Deleted

The most common perspective of users is if the files are not visible in explorer then they are deleted. Check the size of drive or folders where files are stored, if it is same then files are missing and if the storage space is increased then the files are deleted.

Recover Windows Update Deleted Files

These are some techniques to recover files in Windows 10

Logout From Temporary Account

  • When the computer restarts after updates then go to Accounts and Sign Out
  • Shutdown the system and restart it again
  • Now Sign in with your normal account
  • Open windows explorer and you will see the files, documents and media not available before

When updates are installed, it often happens that the user gets logged in with temporary account and can’t view personal files. Thus it is better to Sign out and then sign in again.

Restore File from Windows.old Folder

If the system settings are set to complete or custom upgrade process, then after windows update the files are moved to windows.old folder. If you found any files missing then check the folder

  • Click on ‘My Computer’ or ‘This PC’
  • Now click on the C: drive where OS is installed
  • You will see Windows.old folder, click on it
  • You can browse the file or find it by typing in the search bar

Sign in With Windows Administrator Account

The Windows administrator account gives you permission to check in any account on Windows and find missing files. You can enable Windows Administrator account via following steps

  • Right click on Start menu and select ‘computer management’
  • Click on System tools and then Local Users and Groups and select Users
  • Right click on Administrator account window in right side
  • The Administrator properties dialog box will open
  • Uncheck the option ‘Account is disabled’
  • Click on Apply and then OK
  • Restart the computer and sign in again to check files are available or not

These are some basic steps you can follow to restore windows update deleted files and get all your missing files back.

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