Windows 10 S All you Need to Know – Features Specifications Compatible Devices

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The Latest Version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 S is here and everyone wondering is it a rival to Chromebooks. Microsoft released windows 10 new edition Windows 10 S on 2nd May 2017. As per the features included in 10 S it could be inferred that it focuses on education sector. We will discuss about the feature, specifications, Windows 10 S devices, how to download windows 10 s and also the curiosity behind letter S.

windows 10 s

The Main Difference between Windows 10 and Windows 10 S

The main thing that differ Windows 10 S from other edition of Windows 10 is that you can only install and run applications from the Windows store. This decision from Microsoft could be considered as step towards it consumers that they doesn’t feel different while working applications in laptop, Personal computers and Microsoft Windows Phone. Both devices allow same application to run and user could work in same manner as on other devices.

What’s The S thing?

The S in windows 10 S could be considered for Store and Secure. The main reason for this is that Only apps from Windows Store could be run in latest version of Windows Operating system and other is Security. It provides Microsoft verified Security and promises to offer internet security with Edge browser better than Chrome or FireFox. And Overall the Windows Defender to protect your System from virus and other malware

All About Windows 10 S

As we read above Windows 10 S is much for advanced security and better performance. With Quick Startup and faster browsing with Microsoft Edge enhance its performance and ease of doing work. Windows 10 S is best suited for users who prior fast performance and security. Devices with Windows 10 Pro can upgrade to S version for free. You can download windows 10 S and other compatible devices from App store.

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