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Increase Outlook PST file Size Limit in Simple Steps

Personal Storage Table or PST file could be considered as primary element of MS outlook. It stores all mails, messages, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, calendar events and other data. Earlier version of Outlook offers PST file only of 2GB which was extended later on to 20GB. Latest version Of Outlook 2013 and 2016 has PST file size of 50GB. If you use outlook for few tasks then there is no issue but if your Primary use is on Outlook, then you may need to increase Outlook PST file size. Here are the steps to extend size of PST file.

PST size is increased through Registry entries. These entries that specify PST file size

  • MaxFileSize
  • WarnFileSize
  • MaxLargeFileSize
  • WarnLargeFileSize

Maximum size of UNICODE PST is set by MaxLargeFileSize and warning level of UNICODE PST file is used by WarnLargeFileSize. Here are the steps to change MaxLargeFileSize

  • Go to search box and type regedit to edit registry entries.
  • Click on regedit icon, Registry Editor will open
  • Browse for Outlook, My Computer >> HKEY_CURRENT_USER >>Software >>Microsoft >>Office >15.0 >>outlook
  • Select PST file and then right click on MaxLargeFileSize
  • Click on Modify and Enter the Value to be set for PST file size, Click OK.

Same Process is applicable for MaxFileSize, WarnFileSize and WarnLargeFileSize. If there is no option to edit registry values, you can create them to edit PST file size. The steps are given below;

  • Open the Regedit Window
  • From left pane go to My Computer >> HKEY_CURRENT_USER >>Software >>Microsoft >>Office >15.0 >>outlook
  • Right click on Outlook Folder and then move to New and select Key option
  • Type PST and hit enter
  • Now Right Click on PST>>New>>DWORD value
  • Create the MaxFileSize and press Enter.
  • Now you can create value for PST file by visiting DWORD Value window
  • Select the Decimal button option and click OK.

This way you can edit values of PST file and set the size limit as per your requirement. It will also prevent corruption of PST file as oversize PST file may make it corrupt.

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