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Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows 10 PC and Laptop

Windows 10 has fast boot up in comparison with earlier version of windows but if we have many programs installed in our PC, it restricts its fast processing due to background running apps and software that require permission on startup. Junk files are also causes lag in Windows. So here we will learn some tips to speed up our windows 10 running laptop and PC’s

1. Restricting Programs that runs during Start up

How annoying is feel when we are in hurry and have to do some last minute work and our PC doesn’t start for minutes. This is due to background apps running while switching on our PC. We can make windows 10 start up faster by disabling these programs

  • Open the Task Manager by ctrl+shift+Esc key
  • Now in Task Manager window click on Start up tab
  • A list of programs will appear when starting up windows
  • Select the programs or services that you feel unnecessary while windows 10 start up
  • Right Click on it and select disable. It will only disable program only on start up, it can be run later.

2. Cleaning Junk Files and programs with Windows Troubleshoot

When we installed a software after some time lot of junk files gets created in folder directory that lags windows 10 OS. These files take up drive space and slow down processing. Trouble shooting windows will delete these files and free up space making the applications to work faster

  • Go to Search and type troubleshooting and click on “Trouble Shooting Control Panel
  • This will take you to System and security section, Now Click on Run Maintenance Tasks
  • System Maintenance dialog box will appear Click on Next.
  • It will look for junk files, shortcuts, performance issues and will fix them.
  • This will speed up the working of programs and software installed in your system

3. Checking Performance and Hardware Drivers

An amazing utility provided in Windows 10 is performance Monitor. It shows you the report of entire system, performance issues with any hardware tool, warnings in the system.

  • Go to search and type perfmon /report. The command should be typed correctly
  • After few seconds of analysis and gathering data you will see the performance monitor It shows the test result and issues to be fixed.
  • For any hardware issue like update driver, click on the driver with yellow warning sign and update them as per windows 10.

 4. Incompatible or software acquiring more size

Some software and tools are large in size and take up more space in system. If you have installed these software then they affect processing speed of CPU as they require more resources to run. Uninstall these software or make your system compatible with graphics card, processer and more disk space to run them.

5. Virus and Malware Protection

Virus and malware are the most dangerous tools that can damage system. They often get in to system from email link, any file downloaded from net or USB drives. To protect system from this always keep Windows Defender Up to date and scan system for viruses at regular intervals.

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