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How to Solve Outlook is not Responding and Stop Working Error

Outlook contains large amount of files and to manage all the tasks and operations perform by user it uses operating system resources. If you are performing any operation in MS outlook and it keeps on loading and processing for minutes, more than expected then it might got freeze or stop working.

If you are not able to send mails or stuck in between you might get errors that Outlook is not responding. We need to repair Outlook. Here are some of the steps by which we can repair Outlook not responding error.

Run Outlook in Safe Mode

  • Firstly you need to close Outlook application in your system
  • Now Launch Outlook in safe mode, as per the version of Windows you are using
  • In windows 10 Go to start and type Outlook.exe/safe
  • In windows 8 go to Apps, in Run window type Outlook/safe
  • In windows 7, Go to start and in search box type Outlook/safe
  • This will open Outlook in safe mode, Check if it is working properly
  • Now Close Outlook and Run it normally on your windows. This will fix your problem if Outlook is stuck while processing.

Check for Dialog box or if Outlook Working on Extensive Data

Sometime Outlook doesn’t allow us to work if there is a dialog box open in background. Check for any Open dialog box and then close it. Press ALT+Tab to check for dialog box window to window and close it. If it requires any permission click on cancel or decline.

Another reason when Outlook got stuck or freezes when we are moving large files messages, attachments in thousands of numbers. It appears to us that outlook is not responding to our actions but actually it is performing task in background. After completion of this task outlook may work normally.

Repair MS office Programs

When we are running lot of applications at same time operating system may not be able to provide enough resources. To avoid this we can stop some applications or repair them.

  • Close any MS Office Application that is running currently and save data before closing it.
  • Go to control Panel and then Program and features
  • Right click on MS office>>Change and select Repair

Repair Outlook Data file and Install Updates

Error in Outlook Data files PST and OST may also cause outlook to stop working. Corrupt PST File is the major cause of Outlook problems. This can be repaired using ScanPST.exe tool. Scan PST tool repair file by scanning it for any errors and fixes them.

Windows update and office updates should be installed when available to maintain Outlook free from virus and other malware.

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