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Speed Up Browsing with These Top Google Chrome Tips

Internet: The word that has completely changed the way we do our work today. Internet has been a boost to technology and now it has indulged so much in our day to day tasks that we can’t imagine our life without it and the Internet browsers are an integral part of it. As the Internet advanced so does the browsers. Now we have Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and many others.

Google Chrome Tricks

Competing and Improving each other browsers provide us advanced technical services with user friendly interface and one of them is Google Chrome. This product from Google  is much more than a browser itself, with fast search engine, automatic phrase detection, news, images it serves as much more. Here we will discuss some of the Top Google Chrome Tips that will help us in our day to day life.

Desktop Shortcut of Websites

Yes Now you can create desktop shortcuts of your favourite and frequently used websites. No need to open browser and type the name of website, just launch it as application from your computer. Create desktop shortcut in google chrome by visiting the website and click on the options or those 3 dots. Go to More Tools>>Add to Desktop. This will create an icon on computer desktop.

Send Mail Directly from Chrome

Working on an important task and need to send mail just go to Address bar and type mailto: recipeint’s email ID, this will launch your default email application and you can send mail directly from Google chrome. It’s useful when you have lots of windows open in your system.

Switch Between Tabs in Chrome while Browsing

Want to get information and browsing many websites, then you can do analysis and read data by switching in between tabs in Google Chrome. Press Ctrl+ Number key to go to different tabs. For e.g. if you press Ctrl+2 you will be on second tab starting from left.

Safe Browsing for your Kids

Internet is like vast world in itself and you don’t want your kids to get lost in it just browsing sites and clicking on those blinking ads that may cause harm to your system. Set up your kids profile so that you can supervise it. Go to Settings>>People>>Add person and click Add. Check marks to supervise activity with your log on account. You will receive a mail , click on it and configure sites , settings for your kids.

Go Incognito Tab

If you want to use site that has your important accounts like financial websites, your online courses portal and you don’t want to keep history of them then you can switch to incognito Tab from settings or press ctrl+shift+N. Your browsing history or passwords will not be save and you can browse safely.

Besides these features Google Chrome provides you Online Calculator, New Section, Images and videos option to watch. You can even filter your search based on timings. Search by using an image, commands like link: website name, Interurl and others make it one of the most amazing Browser among all. Hope you find this helpful and don’t forget to keep create shortcut while browsing this site 🙂

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