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Stellar Converter for OST is required to extract emails and other information from corrupt, orphaned or inaccessible OST file and save the extracted data into newly created PST file.

Why OST to PST Converter is Required?

When OST File is Inaccessible

OST file is the lifeline of email communication in an organization, these OST files sometimes get inaccessible due to mailbox synchronization problem or Exchange Server crash. Similarly, when a client machine is not able to boot due to power failure, malware attack or bad sectors also leads to inaccessible OST file. With the help of Stellar Converter for OST, you can extract mailbox data from inaccessible OST files and save mailbox data to PST format.

Migrating to New Email Server

 When an organization chose to migrate to different email services, it is always difficult to access OST files created with previous email servers. And if there is no backup available of PST files there is always the loss of information of unsynchronized data. Stellar OST to PST tool proves its worth here as it is able to convert inaccessible or orphaned OST data to PST format. The extracted PST file can be imported to a new email server easily.

Changing the Workstation

As all of us know OST file is the local cache of Exchange Mailbox data which works only with the Exchange profile which was used to create it. So when you move to a new workstation all the data available in the OST file gets inaccessible so a tool is needed to convert OST to PST. Stellar OST to PST is one such software that performs seamless OST to PST conversion without losing a single bit of information.

Import/Export Wizard not Working in Outlook

If your Exchange account is up and connected you can use Outlook’s Import/Export wizard to export data to PST format. But when the Exchange connection is not available or you don’t have the access to profile which was used to create an account you can’t use Import/Export wizard. In such a scenario, OST to PST tool acts as a savior and export data from the OST file to PST maintaining the integrity of data.

Features of Stellar OST to PST Tool

Convert OST to PST

Stellar Converter for OST is a powerful tool for converting OST to PST, It allows user to extract mailbox data from inaccessible OST file and save the results to new PST file which can easily be imported to Outlook. The need for OST to PST Conversion arises when you have an Exchange Server crash or the original Outlook profile is not available.

Convert Encrypted OST File to PST

In some organizations, OST files are encrypted to keep them safe from unauthorized access. When you try to open encrypted OST file an error like “abc.ost is not an offline folder file which means the OST file is damaged and needs to be repaired. Stellar Converter for OST can repair the OST file and allow users to access email data again.

Save OST Data to Multiple Formats

A user might need to save OST data to different formats other than PST, This software allows you to save OST data to PDF, HTML, EML, RTF, or MSG format whichever is needed.

Free OST Conversion

This software comes with free to try versions also which allows users to save 20 items from each folder. A user has to download the demo version of the software, install the software onto his system, and scan the OST file.  After the scan is finished you can preview all items in a three-pane structure. To save 20 Items for free you have to choose the “Save Converted File” button and the items will be saved to the location you have chosen. This feature is very helpful if you want to look and feel of the software before purchasing and check the results it offers.

Multiple OST Conversion

Stellar OST to PST tool can perform OST to PST conversion in batch mode also i.e you can convert multiple OST files to PST simultaneously. This feature comes handy when an organization is moving to a new email server and has multiple inaccessible OST files. This feature is available only with the Technician version of this tool.

Export OST Data Directly to Office 365 Account

With the help of this software, you can directly migrate mailbox data to Office 365 account. All you have to do is to have the Office 365 account and enter the login credentials in the software interface. The OST to Office 365 export feature is available only with the Technician version of this tool.

Split Large PST File

The Technician version of Stellar Converter for OST allows users to split large PST files into smaller PST files as smaller PST files are less prone to corruption and are easily manageable. Large PST files can be split according to Date, Sender’s Email ID, Size, or Date. A newly generated PST file maintains the original structure and organization of emails as in the original PST file. You can also compact the large PST file with the Technical version of this tool which ensures optimal Outlook performance avoiding any Outlook crash.

Follow the steps mentioned below to convert inaccessible OST to PST file.
  • Locate OST: Launch the software and select (‘Select Outlook File’ option) or search (‘Find Outlook File’ option) the affected OST through the ‘Select Outlook Data File’ box. You can reopen this box using the corresponding toolbar or menu bar option.
  • Convert and Save: Click ‘Start’ to begin the file scanning process. After the OST File Recovery software completes the scanning process, it shows the recovery details displaying the number of items it recovered. The main window shows the recovered items in tree-view. Click ‘Save Recovered File’ to save the scanned file. Click ‘Browse’ if you want to change the default (same as of root) ‘Destination Path’.
  • Import PST: The software restores the converted file named as of original, followed by a prefix ‘Converted’ with file extension .PST at the specified location. To access the emails, import the PST file within MS Outlook using its import and export wizard.


  • Microsoft Outlook is not mandatory to be installed on the system for running the product demo version.
  • You can directly save the PST file after activating the product. There is no need to rescan if the demo version has scanned the file once.

Download and try the free demo version of the Convert OST to PST software to assess its recovery features, user interface, and options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I downloaded the software, I am not able to save all items?

A. The OST to PST software comes with free to try demo version which allows only 20 items per folder to be saved. To save all the items you need to buy the license of the software.

Q. Other than PST in which format I can export OST file?

A. You can save OST file data to PST, MSG, HTML, PDF, RTF, and EML formats.

Q. Can I also Repair corrupt OST file with this software?

A. The corrupt OST file is repaired but the contents can only be exported i.e corrupt OST file is repaired and exported to PST, If you want to repair OST file and saving it to OST then this software is not for you.

Q. Does this software support Outlook 2019?

A. Yes, the software fully supports all Outlook version including Outlook 2019

Q. Where to look for Contacts in converted PST file?

A. To access the contacts, newly created PST file needs to be imported to Outlook first and then follow the steps mentioned:
Open Outlook
Now Press ‘Ctrl+Shift+F’
‘Find Message / Advanced Find’ window appears
Now Click the ‘Look For’ tab then select ‘Contact’.
Now click the ‘Browse’ button
Select the imported PST file
Click ‘Find Now’
All contacts are listed here

Pricing of Stellar Converter for OST

Corporate ($79)Technician ($149)Toolkit ($199)
Convert OST to PSTConvert OST to PST, Export to Office 365 or ExchangeInclude all feature of Corporate, Technician plus 6 more tools
5 MailboxesUnlimited MailboxesUnlimited Mailboxes
1 year Validity1 Year Validity1 Year Validity
Batch ConversionBatch Conversion
Split & CompactSplit & Compact PST
Export to Live Exchange ServerExport to Office 365
Split, Merge, Repair PST, Recover Deleted Emails, Remove Duplicates
Outlook Password Recovery
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