How to Delete Account in Gmail is a free email management service that helps users to unsubscribe all unwanted emails in a go. Once you connect your Gmail account, it skims your email for newsletters to allow you to either unsubscribe from them or roll all of them up into a single digest email. This worked well for users till New York Times revealed a shocking update regarding the services. As per the update, was stealing the data from user’s Gmail account and sell them to companies. After connecting with their account, the software scans for e-receipts, collects data from the receipt and sell the figures to the rival company. Though, the name of the customer retained secure but other information was used for profit making.

The data stealing news has made users delete their account and in this article we will learn how to do that.

How to Remove Account

Step-1: First visit the official website of and login to your account

Step-2: On right top corner of home page, you will see your Username click on that. After this click Settings. account remove

Step-3: After opening the Setting Page, scroll down to the bottom where your will find an option “Delete My Account“. Click on that.

delete account

Step-4: Now select a reason of account deletion in the drop down menu and hit enter on Delete my account once again

How to Delete App on iOS

  • Go to Settings icon
  • Select Preferences
  • Select Delete Account
  • Click on Delete My Account
  • Click Yes to confirm

That’s it you have successfully removed your account from services.

Hope you find this information useful.


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