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Instant Method to Convert EDB to PST Using Powershell

Microsoft Exchange Server is one of the amazing email communication applications which offers sharing over server and provide secure way to communicate with in a organization. The files in Server are stored as Exchange Database files (EDB files). If database get damage then there is a risk of EDB files getting corrupt. We can convert EDB to PST to use PST files in Outlook through Powershell

Powershell is a tool that is used for scripting languages and requires some technical knowledge although we will describe each step in detail. Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013 can be converted to Outlook PST using this tool. Here are the steps for EDB to PST conversion.

  • Add Snap-in in Powershell by following command: Add-PSSnapin
  • Create a folder to save converted PST file from EDB and name it.
  • Assisgn Read/Write permission to folder
  • Right Click on Folder and go to properties
  • Click on Share folder tab and then click on share button
  • Copy the path of shared folder and save it somewhere for further use.
  • Now go to powershell and enter the following command: New-MailboxExportRequest –Mailbox MailboxName –FilePath EnterFilePath
  • Replace MailboxName with folder which you want to export and EnterFilePath is path of folder where you want to store the PST file.

Command to be used as per MS Exchange version

  • For 2007: Use Export-Mailbox
  • For 2010: Use ExportMailboxRequests
  • For 2010: Use New-MailboxExportRequest

So this is a new method by which we can convert EDB files to PST using Powershell. It’ s a quick way to migrate Exchange Server Database to Outlook. Hope you find this helpful.

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