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Video Repair Tool to repair corrupt video files of all commonly used video formats. Download the trial version to check the preview of repaired video files.

With the emergence of digital cameras and smartphone we all now store memories in the form of video. But unfortunalety sometimes due to some unwanted reasons these videos gets inaccessible and our moment of joy vanishes. These corrupt or inaccessibe videos can always be repaired with the help of good Video repair tool. Today we came up with one such tool called Kernel Video Repair which is expert in repairing corrupt video files. We will know about common  reasons for video corruption and various features offered by Kernel Video Repair tool here.

Various Causes of Video Corruption

Here are few reasons which causes corruption to video files:

  • Broken Header files
  • Interruption in internet connection while downloading video
  • Abrupt system shutdown while plating video
  • Due to virus attack


Supported Video Formats : This software can repair all corrupt, broken or inaccessible video files with ease. The various video file formats supported by this tool are as mp4, mpeg, mov, mkv, 3gp, avi, asf, divx, flv, wmv, f4v, mjpeg, m4v, mts etc.

Repair Multiple Videos : Kernel for Video repair tool allows user to repair multiple video files simultaneously thus saving a lot of user’s time. A user just have to add corrupt video files and choose the location where the repaired video files should be saved rest is done by the software.

Video Quality Maintained : Kernel Video repair makes sure the quality of videos after repairing is up to the mark. This video recovery tool doesn’t hamper with the video and maintains original quality. It supports repairing jigh quality HD, 4k and Blue-ray videos.

Free trial version : Kernel video repair comes with free trial version which allows user to preview the video file after repairing. Demo version allows user to preview 30 seconds of video and make his mind before actually buying the video recovery tool.

Easy to Use Interface : This advanced software for repairing video file comes with simple and interactive user interface which allow a user with very little knowledge to easily repair video files. 

OS Compatibility : This video repair tool is very much compatible with all Windows versions. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP 

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