Easy Technique to Resolve Outlook for Mac Error and Synchronization Problem

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Most of the Mac users complain about error messages in Outlook for Mac. The reason for error depends on the utilities in application, settings and network. If the Outlook for Mac is not synchronized with the server then the user gets error messages. These errors can be removed manually by following some easy techniques that help in quick revival of files and resolve Outlook for Mac synchronization issue. There is also an automated method available to fix the Outlook for Mac errors by using OLM Repair Tool.

However, It is advised to be prepared with manual methods as one can easily fix the problem at an instant time. Also, learning methods to fix Outlook for Mac errors prevent from spending money on Mac Recovery Software. Here are the methods by which OLM files can be repaired and recovered easily. Check out the causes and how to resolve them.

Causes of Outlook for Mac Error

  • Error message: Cannot Find [Path name]\OLM.DLL. This message is encountered when the file is moved or deleted.
  • Error Message: Application failed to start as OLM.DLL is not found
  • Outlook Error Code 17199

Each error code also shows a detailed message which makes it easy to solve the problem

  • Not able to locate the file
  • Action cannot be processed
  • Access denied- can’t access email messages in Outlook

Here are the methods which help in resolving general error methods

Update Outlook for Mac

The first and the foremost step to resolve any problem is to check for updates. If the application is not updated then it becomes incompatible with other utilities which result in an error. To update Outlook for Mac follow the below-given steps

update outlook for mac

  • Open Outlook and then go to settings
  • Check if there is any update available
  • If yes, then download the update and install them
  • Restart Outlook and the problem will be resolved.

This method will work out best if a user is facing ‘Outlook Opens and then Closes Automatically’ error.

Resolving ‘Outlook for Mac Synchronization Problem’

When the server and application cannot synchronize with each other then, the files will not be available in the application and it will halt the usage of Outlook for Mac. To, resolve this synchronize the OLM with the server or reset it.

  • Start the Outlook for Mac application (if it is possible to open)
  • Go to Menu, then select preferences and click on Sync Services
  • Uncheck all boxes and Restart Outlook in Mac
  • Reset the sync preferences to Fix Outlook synchronization problem

disable sync outlook for mac

Use Microsoft Database Utility

The database utility is an application which gets installed when the Outlook for Mac is installed in the system. This tool can fix minor errors and repair OLM files easily.

  • Go to drive where Outlook for Mac is installed
  • Browse the location as Applications/ Microsoft Office 2011/ Office and then locate Microsoft Database Utility
  • Launch the tool and select the option to scan
  • Microsoft Database Utility will scan and repair the minor bugs/ corrupt OLM files
  • Restart Outlook to see the problem is resolved

Clear Cache in Outlook for Mac

When synchronization between server and Outlook for Mac is interrupted due to network connection, power failure and other reason, the cache has incomplete files which result in an error. So, clear the cache to resolve the error

clear cache in outlook for mac

  • Close the Outlook and other applications using it
  • Go to Applications, Utilities and then Open Activity Monitor
  • Type Sync to and quit all the actions and processes. After that close the Activity Monitor
  • Browse to Home/ Library/ Application Support and launch Open SyncServices
  • Delete files and move to trash, then restart the application and turn on Sync Services.
  • The cache will be cleared and Outlook will start with fresh settings

By the above methods, you can fix the Outlook for Mac error messages and resolve synchronization problems.

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